Marship Ltd was founded in 2009 by Dr.A.Marinov and Partners
to serve Shipowners and Traders, as well as Forwarding Agents
and Logistic Companies as Shipbrokers and Agents in
the port of Varna.

We are acting as Chartering Brokers on a worldwide basis.
Initially spezializing in the trade between Black Sea including
the Russian River System and White Sea, we fast moved also into
markets like West-, East-, and South Africa and the Red Sea/Persian
Gulf area. We expanded regular activities from and into China/Far East
to India, Persian Gulf, USA, and African Ports.

At all Bulgarian ports, we are offering our services as Agents
for Tramp and Liner vessels. Here we also provide competitive terms
for stevedoring especially Heavy-Lift-operations and storage.

If your company requires cost for oncarriages to any Inland
destination by Truck/Rail/Riverbarge, please feel free to contact us.